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At the start of either buying a new mobile home or refinancing an existing manufactured home mortgage it is essential to learn about the lending process. MH Loans offers a leading online resource for learning basic concepts and answering questions about lending. Most people are first introduced to the term “chattel mortgage” which is used when land is not a factor, but rather just the mobile / manufactured home, when the research buying. Typically those stationed at a mobile home park, on leased land, family land, or other locations will likely have a separate mortgage or fees for the land.

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Did you know that MH Loans provides mobile home financing for your used home purchase with as little as 5% down? Apply today for the lowest rates in the nation. As a leading full service lender in the industry MH Loans Corporation provides financing for Florida, California and Texas mobile homes.

Most mortgage brokers and banks hardly even consider the unique needs of manufactured homes financing - MH Loans specializes exclusively in this industry!

The advice and professional assistance required to make informed decisions is moments away.

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We’re committed to making the home lending process clear and giving you tools, information and guidance to help you move forward with a decision and home loan that’s right for you. We have a wide selection of loan programs that enable us to help more people buy or refinance their home.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is my monthly/annual income?
  • What are my monthly expenses?
  • What is my credit score?
  • What features are necessary in a mobile home?
  • Am I ready to commit to living in a specific location?


Many first time buyers considering manufactured home living ask whether it’s better to buy or rent their first mobile home. This question is so common, these individuals or families should know that they are not alone while juggling this dilemma. MH Loans has the necessary financial resources that can prove helpful to those applying for a mobile home mortgage in order to discover true numbers. The question of buying vs. renting is a combination of measuring the costs and balancing it against the dream of owning your own place to live. Through exploring your options and identifying what is affordable and achievable an answer to this question can be reached.


When is a good time to refinance a mobile home?

Refinancing a loan is an option available to those currently holding a mortgage and seeking to make a change. Mobile home mortgage owners might want to refinance in order to benefit from lower interest rates or to restructure their finances for convenience and savings. A full and comprehensive review of your current mortgage will be conducted in best effort to determine if refinancing your loan is a viable option. MH Loans is experienced with this process and skilled at assisting owners achieve their goals. The exposure to a variety of issues concerning the mobile home market provides insight into the mindset of owners in order to provide the most useful benefits, where applicable.


Is refinancing a good solution for you?

  • Are current interest rates lower than what I’m paying?
  • Do I have access to all of my loan documents?
  • Are there other benefits or saving by switching to another company?
  • Does my loan allow for me to refinance at any time?
  • Investigate all other areas to increase the value of my mobile home