Are there lending companies that just focus on mobile home loans?

The question about lending companies that are primarily focused on mobile home loans comes up often for those searching for the best loan. It’s a very valid question, because mobile homes and manufactured homes are a unique sector in the housing market. The answer is YES, there are lenders that keep their business focused on mobile homes. MH Loans comes to the table with 20 years of mobile home lending and therefore has experienced all different types of scenarios.

MH Loans is licensed in Florida, California, and Texas with a firm finger on the pulse of the mobile and manufactured lending market. Sure there are companies that offer a broad focus and aim to attract business from any pipeline; however, MH Loans is geared to the mobile and manufactured home market. Having this type of focus keeps their professional team watching this market to best understand trends and the nuances so they can best help mobile home buyers.

You are welcome to do your research and explore the market, but as soon as you speak with MH Loans you’ll quickly recognize the difference. MH Loans works tirelessly to offer clients the latest information and helpful tips as they go through the purchase process. This is a team dedicated to the mobile home market and ready to assist you make this important decision.