Interior design options for your mobile home

Many potential mobile home buyers can be hesitant because their mobile home lacks individual style. This might be true in same cases or in manufactured home communities; however, if you find the perfect match the interior design is where individual style can shine. Some buyers are lucky enough to discover an option with an interior and exterior that is both reflective of their style. When it comes to interiors there are a few areas that are perfect for adding a unique touch.

1. Color – Adding pops of color is a great way to add interesting design to your mobile home. This includes painting some or all of the exposed wall space – a simple way to give a personal touch. Instead of painting, many just use colorful and patterned bedding, pillows and other home accessories.

2. Cabinets – The storage in a mobile home is such valuable real estate. Cabinetry is often prevalent around the entire interior and when buying new can be upgraded. In many existing homes this can be renovated easily – doors can be resurfaced and painted to add that extra custom feel throughout the interior.

3. Flooring – The flooring is another quick way to update and personalize your interior space. Typically a lightweight vinyl flooring is utilized because it’s easy to clean and install. Many prefer to select carpeting or even a vinyl floor that looks like wood or tile. This can be a nice way to update the space and provide that custom touch.

4. Artwork – Depending on the interior size of your mobile or manufactured home, those with larger open walls are perfect for displaying artwork. The most popular techniques are using either one large piece of art or transforming the wall into a feature wall that displays a grid pattern of smaller photos and paintings. This method helps control where the eye focuses and how the brain perceives the overall space.

5. Lighting – A fantastic way to leave your mark on an interior space is through the use of lighting. In many mobile home or manufactured home spaces it can be challenging to rewire the electrical and change the lights; however, the use of lamps is can be transformative. The lamp can be used as directional to highlight a piece of art or furniture or task related like a reading lamp. It’s about creating a beautiful balance between mood and task lighting. This is also a great way to separate spaces and define areas in a unique way.

Don’t be afraid to have some fun with your space and you can be sure it will reflect your personal style. These are just a few clever ways to transform a space and experiment with interiors to best enjoy your mobile and manufactured home.